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Genius 300 or Genius 600 Machine roomless Electric Lift  – To 6 Floors

  • 300kg (4 person) Lift or 600kg (8 person)
  • AC gearless machine & VVVF drive for super smooth & quiet travel
  • Extreme energy efficiency
  • Non hydraulic, oil free drive system
  • No machine room, no large cabinet to hide
  • Car dimensions – 1000mm x 1000mm or 1100mm x 1400mm
  • Pit Depth – 100mm
  • Headroom – 3000mm
  • Speed – 0.3m/sec
  • Manual Swing Doors or Automatic Doors available
  • Controls – Illuminated call buttons & automatic lighting with telephone handset
  • Multiple door configurations
  • 240 Volt single phase power
  • UPS operation when power fails
  • Available for new & existing homes
  • Self supporting steel structure ensures reduced building costs

Home Lifts Home Lifts Home Lifts

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