Australian Standards On Access & Mobility - AS1428 & AS1735

Lifts are essential for people with disabilites to have access to all levels of the facility.


Consideration needs to be given to door width, lift size and control button style and height; and for people with sensory disabilities (hearing and sight).


AS1428.1 - Design for access and mobility
AS1428.2 - Deisgn for access and mobility
AS1735.12 - Lifts, escalators and moving walks

Lift Checklist:
  • Is there a lift available to all floors? (AS1428.2 - Clause 12)

  • Is it clearly sign posted from the the entrance area?

  • Is each level clearly signed (visual and tactile) on lift entrance frame? (AS1735.12 - appendix 8.5(a))

  • Are the external control buttons at a height of 900mm - 1200mm? (AS1735.12 - Clause 7.3.1)

  • Is the lift door width a minimum of 880mm clear opening? (AS1735.12 - Clause 2.2)

  • Is the internal lift floor surface lelvel with the external surface for an unobstructed entry into the lift? (12mm variation allowed) (AS1735.12 - Clause 6)

  • Is the minimum floor area of the lift 1100mm width x 1400mm depth? (AS1735.12 - Clause 2.1 & AS 1428.2 - Clause 12)

  • Is a handrail of minimum length 600mm provided in the lift? (AS1735.12 - Clause 5.3.1)

  • Are the handrails in colour contrast to the walls?

  • Are handrails within 500mm of a control panel (AS1735 - Part 12 - Clause 5.3.2(a))

  • Are handrails between 30mm - 50mm in diameter? (AS1735 - Part 12 - Clause 5.3.2(e))

  • Is the top 270degree arc of the handrail clear for it's full length? (AS1735 - Part 12 - Clause 5.3.2(e))

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